Young people are always engrossed with traveling, of not being here, of being somewhere else, of being anywhere else but here, as if we’re always looking for ourselves.

We are traveling all the time. Our mind travels. Our heart travels. Even our nostrils travel. It’s in our DNA to travel. We travel even if we are standing. We travel even without moving.

We travel with empty pockets. We travel hungry. We travel dumb. We travel and cry. We look back, we smile. We travel with haste or take our time. We travel with a cross. We travel carefree. We limp, we glide, we jump, we embrace. We travel with open arms. We travel as cowards. We travel light or heavy. We leave marks, we leave scars. We travel gracefully, we travel tired. We travel near, we travel far. Sometimes, we don’t know the way. We travel alone, we travel as one. We travel and pretend, or pretend to travel.

We are traveling souls. Always searching. Always looking. We never cease to travel. We do only when we cease to be. But even then….


Traveling… in opposite directions…


… in horses…


… back in time…


… into an abyss.

*This is part of a 68-Day Travel Diary called Reflections of a Nearly Thirty. Read the full Reflections Series here.

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  1. I agree with most points there, but the biggest reason should be to just deeply engage with a place! 🙂 Wrote about something recently.. on why the destination has to be felt deeply before and during, for the travel to be real..


    • I agree. Sometimes our engagement with a place is something difficult to express even through writing. Sometimes a place affects us or moves us in a way we don’t understand. We are changed when that happens.

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  2. […] will never be the same for me as we’ll be setting off very soon on a continent-wide roadtrip, at least to as many countries as possible within 10 days, in a van, with six other people, a baby, […]



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