Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

We went out, three degrees outside, for the first time since I got here. There was a nearby shopping strip — Mango, Zara, and the local Dutch brands. We set out to look for these items, the only I items I target, take note, target, to buy while in Europe. This means everything in excess is me again not thinking of my finances. Going back, I target to get: a pair of knee-high leather (-looking) boots, trench coat (a basic), and gloves (my hands can really get really cold!). We ended up buying the gloves, at least for now, because it rained around 5PM, just about the time the stores were closing (I think our malls in Manila should close the same time. I mean, this would impact how people, especially the office-people manage their time. They would go home earlier than usual to their families, more chances of eating dinner together, and the list goes on on how this will impact the Filipino shopping and going-out culture altogether).It was freezing cold. I mean, I was freezing! My hands were getting numb in the cold so we got in one of the still-open malls and bought a 29-euro pair of leather (-looking) gloves. We got home around 7pm and boy were we soaked! I tried the experiment of not taking a shower when you get soaked in the rain just like we do in Manila (well, it’s really your mom dodging you to take a full shower when the rain has already given you an initiation).

Before it rained, I found the one pair of knee-high leather (-looking) boots that I really liked! Only that they didn’t have my size. And then it rained. What a drama.

The following day, today, was my first time to baby-sit my 10-month old nephew, alone. From 7am, the moment he woke up, to 7pm, the moment his mom, my sister, got home from work. My sister works in a university here as a PhD student-researcher. Her husband, my brother-in-law, works for Philips as a researcher-scientist. They’re scientists. I feel like I’m in the Big Bang real-life sitcom. We’re a family of geniuses. It starts with my mom, my nagging, know-it-all mother, if you know what I mean.

Anyways, today was a bit of a challenge, which I like. Actually, my sister and my brother-in-law have been calling me every other hour today to check how I was doing, and if I was having a hard time. Of course I said no, not at all. At least I can’t complain YET because everything is hard at the beginning. And it was a decision of mine to embark on this “journey” whatever you wanna call it, and I’m sticking to it. Ask me again after 10 days. Maybe I’d be eating my words.


Apeldoorn Centrum shopping strip where to get the basic gears of boots, gloves, and coat.

*This is part of a 68-Day Travel Diary called Reflections of a Nearly Thirty. Read the full Reflections Series here.


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