April 12, 2016

Welcome to PenVille.

It’s easy to be here.


Get your pen and paper ready. Go old school.

It’s okay.

Because unlike technology, paper is patient.

Paper feels you. Your sweaty palms give you away and it’s okay. The once-clean sheet now has your hand marks on it and it’s fine.

The pen quivers as you do, betraying you when it produces a shaky piece of writing and that’s okay too.

Real life is stranger than fiction.

We have enough stories around there’s no need to invent them. We just need to know where to look.

Look at people longer than you should and ask, why are they here?


What is behind them that has brought them here, and what is the path in front of them which begins here?

What is it that makes them who they are?

What are their motivations, struggles, conveniences, and tragedies in life?

People want to be listened to, written about, thought about.

Every one has a story, and his story is his life.

We are all too important and not at all, all at the same time, aren’t we?

These are my stories penned. What’s yours?

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  2. Lovely post. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in 2017!



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About hellopenville

Writing is my one true north. (The other is eating spaghetti. I make the best pastas in the whole world I swear!) I have been writing since age 10. I remember being in another school a lot because of Campus Journalism contests. I was a grade-school copyreader, headline-writer, and feature writer, who emerged to be a college editorial writer and eventually a TV news writer. However, I have always been an insecure artist. These constant condescending thoughts always stopped me from creating: “No one would read this.” “This has been written before and therefore no one would read this.” “This is not interesting enough and therefore no one would read this.” “This is not relevant, or factual, or trendy enough and therefore no one would read this.” But I learned to risk to write even if no one reads it, than not to have written anything at all. To resist writing is to resist truth itself, to betray that which comes freely to you when you do not allow it to be manifested through you. I didn’t think writing was serious work. But every time I thought about writing, it would make me nervous. It would rattle me and frighten me. I would shake the ground under me. Aren’t dreams like that too? Read more at penville.net.