Shit happened today. And I literally mean shit. I don’t really want to give you the details but it was a little messy. Ok, I think messy kind of gives it away. When that happened, I realised that this babysitting is no easy thing. Not. At. All. What with all the shit! Here’s just a few things that […]

I learned yesterday from listening to an Elizabeth Gilbert podcast that, most writers fear writing because they fight it. When one writes, one has to participate in the act of writing, and stop fighting it, lest it’ll feel like a bitter gourd pushed into your mouth to eat. I think I have started participating again […]

Young people are always engrossed with traveling, of not being here, of being somewhere else, of being anywhere else but here, as if we’re always looking for ourselves. We are traveling all the time. Our mind travels. Our heart travels. Even our nostrils travel. It’s in our DNA to travel. We travel even if we […]

Apeldoorn, The Netherlands We went out, three degrees outside, for the first time since I got here. There was a nearby shopping strip — Mango, Zara, and the local Dutch brands. We set out to look for these items, the only I items I target, take note, target, to buy while in Europe. This means everything in […]

I was 28 when I embarked on this personal writing journey called ReflectionsOfaNearly30. Some read it as Reflections of an Early 30, and that can work too, starting this year (2016) when I’m 31. In this series, I attempted to document my first European adventure (or misadventures). It’s 68 days of my life as a […]