As if taunting me that my days here are numbered, I find myself alone on the train today, for the first time since I got to Holland last year. My sister never lets me “go astray” at any time during my stay here, maybe trying to be the mother bear that she is. This entire […]

Not only did we set out to see Europe in a short time, but also to travel on a shoestring. We found ourselves in Salzburg — home to Mozart and the “Sound of Music” and both needed to be experienced. First, we dealt with the latter. No, we did not join a guided tour like […]

Day 1 Today started my road trip of a lifetime. We plan to cross five borders in 10 days. I’ve once done a seven-city trip in 12 days around the Philippines. Now, we’re doing five countries in a little over a week. Let’s see how things work out. The eight of us — my sister, […]